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Hedaya Dental Clinic philosophy

Who we are?

At Hedaya Dental Clinic, the new model for all-purpose dental services We are located in Maadi, Cairo, and starting from today, our team consists of 7 specialists with the assistance of a highly trained team of dental assistants and qualified dentists, all of whom are keen to assist you in all your dental needs.

24/7 emergency support

At Hedaya Dental Clinic, we offer 24/7 dental services, with special appreciation for emergency cases. You can contact us in any emergency and we will arrange an immediate appointment for you and your beloved ones by our specialized team, and we will remind you of the appointments also in your regular and periodic follow-up.


We believe in specialization, and that is why we have always been keen to deal with the best specialized dentists in Egypt, and we are proud of the fact that all of our doctors are skilled professionals in the various fields of dentistry, and they provide these dental services with complete professionalism, where we ensure that we achieve exactly what we dream. We even do arrange monthly and semi-annual visits of professors and well-qualified dentists from all over the world, to treat many specialized cases, and to give scientific lectures to many dentists as a matter of community duty for development and continuing education.

Clinical map

Our clinic consists of several dental rooms equipped to ensure the provision of a rapid dental service without long bothering waiting, and every dental practitioner enjoys the presence and help of a well-trained dental assistant during the period of carrying out the treatment service, along with a full staff of nursing for periodic sterilization affairs, as well as a secretarial staff who speak and deal with several languages, in addition to a team of cleaners to carry out general and medical hygiene in the clinic, and there is also a separate room and a system for sterilizing medical tools, with a dental laboratory for the clinic to ensure the speedy completion of medical services which need a technical work, and finally you can spend the short and limited waiting time in our hall, where you can enjoy warm and fresh drinks while noticing the artwork and paintings placed throughout our clinic, or waiting at our external green space.

Our Start..

Hedaya Dental Clinic was created by Dr. Ahmed Refaat and Dr. Yasmin Refaat in order to achieve an old dream for them, by providing medical treatment with the latest and simplest solutions in the field of dentistry, in a clean, comfortable and smooth healthy environment.

Join Us`

You cannot be worried, we are also being treated here, you cannot be worried, the only thing that keeps you from joining hundreds of patients who decided to be a real part of a new and real dental and esthetic service is nothing, just be part of us .
we are here ..

All Kind of services

Examination and regular follow up

Checkup on teeth, gums, jaws and early diagnosis of any risk using intra-oral cameras and radiographs

Gum cleaning

Regular removal of plaque, calculus and stains from teeth and gums every 3-6 months using ultrasonic devices

Dental Laser treatments

Dental lasers are the most recent technologies used now to perform minor surgeries, tumors removal, gingival recontouring and gums peeling

Periodontics and periodontal surgeries

We provide wide range of solutions and treatments for gums diseases, lesions or gums recession

Oral medicine

We provide early and rapid diagnosis and management of any disease or abnormality affecting areas in the mouth other than teeth (lips, cheeks, gums, tongue)

Root canal treatment

Using rotary devices for maximum comfort to our patients and to shorten the procedure time up to single visit

Teeth extraction and minor surgeries

Done by our oral surgeons using most recent tools and devices to guarantee maximum comfort to our patients and fastest healing

Teeth fillings and restorations

Restoring tooth defects or decay with most recent materials to restore both function and esthetics

Veneers, Crowns and bridges

With Digital Smile Design technology, Intra-oral scanners and CAD/CAM technologies, we guarantee best restoration of esthetics and function

Hollywood smile and digital smile design

It's a multidisciplinary approach and you can achieve it by a simple procedure as bleaching, up to veneers, Crowns, or may be implants, using latest technology : Digital smile design

Dental Implants

Restoring missing tooth/teeth by placing implants in the jaw bone on two steps, the implant itself, then the prosthesis on top.


Full or partial removable appliances to restore function, appearance and chewing ability

Children treatment

We provide a highly specialized protocol to deal with our young beloved ones and look after their teeth and keep them healthy and smiling

Orthodontics(Braces and Aligners)

We have wide range of options for our patients, the well-known metal braces, white ceramic braces and the new clear aligners that are completely transparent

Facial and dermal services

We provide wide range of dermal services as botox, fillers, goldstamp and others to help you complete your makeover in the same place with highest quality materials and products

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Expert Doctors

Meet Our Team


Dr. Ahmed Refaat


Orthodontist / Pediatric dentist
-Postgraduate diploma of orthodontics, universite' d'evry val d'essonne, France.
-Membership of International association of orthodontics, (IAO), USA
-Membership of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Orale Implantologie (DGOI), Germany
-Postgraduate diploma in Project management , IBMI, Germany
-Postgraduate diploma in child psychology, KEW academy, England


Dr. Yasmin Refaat


Specialist of Facial and Dental aesthetics and Dental lasers
-Master degree in dental lasers, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
-Diploma in facial esthetics (advanced botox and fillers), Genova University, Italy
-Diploma in cosmetic dentistry, Leeds Training College, England

Dr. Ashraf Fakhry


Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon, and dental implant specialist.
-Dental implant diploma, Paul Sabatier, Toulouse III University, France
-Master's degree in maxillofacial surgery, Alexandria University.

Dr. Abdelaziz Mohamed


Endodontist (root canal specialist)
-Master degree in endodontics treatment, Misr International University

Dr. Hesham Safa


Oral surgeon, and maxillofacial specialist at the National Institute of Oncology
-Master degree in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Cairo University

Dr. Aly el saied


Pediatric dentist
-Paediatric Clinical Residency Program, Cairo University
-Licentiate in Dental Surgery, Royal College of Surgeons of England

Dr. Mohamed Tarek


Specialist of Oral & Maxillo-Facial Surgery
-Misr International University

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